What we offer companies

​Empowering Successful Business Strategies Through Disability Inclusion

From 503 compliance –to- marketing solutions –to- total disability inclusion focusing on increasing your bottom line and beyond.

At JEC we use the leading Corporate Development models to increase your businesses bottom line, while creating a stronger workforce for your company, a workforce that is comprised of qualified workers who are safe, productive, loyal, and have a lower turnover rate. Partnering with dedicated and professional local community organizations will ease your companies hiring process and save money in recruiting costs.


Hiring People with disabilities should not be viewed as an act of charity, it is a business solution that will produce a high return on Investment. 


Business as usual!



Our industry leading strategies and services are customized to meet the specific needs of your company:

  • 503 compliance, ADAA, and VEVRAA consultation and training
  • Needs assessment—capacity-building
  • Disability and diversity training
  • Human resource and supervisory training
  • Recruitment, screening, and training
  • Job Coaching/Social Coaching
  • Job accommodation/modification
  • Rehabilitation/assistive technology
  • State and federal financial incentives
Our Leading professionals and customizable strategic plan can help your company with it’s specific needs, or make your vision of total disability inclusion a profitable and prosperous reality with a huge return on investment.