History of Corporate development
When Supported Employment was emerging as an innovative practice in the mid-1980s, one key aspect of the approach was the cultivation of relationships with medium to large businesses as a way to open up employment opportunities. The 1990s saw the emergence of Person-Centered Planning, with its focus on integrated employment individualized to the strengths and preferences of the VR client. However, the businesses were frequently left out and only approached after a client and counselor had developed a plan.
Corporate Development (CD) is emerging as a further refinement of Supported Employment. In the CD approach, a single staff person (VR or CRP) is responsible for cultivating wide-reaching relationships with the local business community and coordinating a connection between this pool of employers and direct service staff. The goal of this "Single Point of Contact" person is to initiate a "pro-disability" environment in the target businesses or corporations through the cultivation of a workplace culture that embraces accommodations, the use of natural supports, community integration, etc. - culminating in the active recruitment of employees with disabilities. 
An important part of the CD approach is emphasizing its benefits for businesses. For businesses with "pro-disability" workplaces that are capitalizing on the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, state VR agencies and local CRPS become free recruitment and testing services for the business – which a CD outreach program will coordinate for them.
Now, businesses are becoming aware of, and interested in attracting, the strong brand loyalty of the disability community, including family members and friends.
What’s next?
  • Disability Branding
  • Job Driven Training ​​ 
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